Monday - Friday 11:30am - 2:00pm

roasted beets, arugula, pistachios, balsamic    9.
prosser heirloom tomato, cucumber, pine nut, basil 11.
whipped whole milk ricotta, wood grilled  toast     7.5
pizette: salami, provolone, basil     9.
pizette: summer squash, roasted peppers, fresh goat cheese  9.
prosser gazpacho, trampetti olive oil  6.
caesar salad     10.
w/ grilled salmon     17.
steak salad, arugula, roasted peppers, garlic croutons, parmigiano, balsamic vinaigrette     15.
chop salad, romaine, preserved tomato, chickpeas, salami, egg  14.
lasagne bolognese     14.
potato gnocchi, zucchini, prosser tomato, ricotta salata  15.
spaghetti, mussels, garlic, chili, rapini     14.
rigatoni, spicy sausage ragu     14.
italian grinder, mortadella, salami, proscuitto cotto, gem salad 12.
branzino, artichoke, olives, chickpeas, wilted kale  19.
**add gem salad to any of the above     4.

Monday - chicken parmesan, lemon, crimini salad    12.
Tuesday - lamb panini, smoked mozzarella, pimenton aioli, mama lil's  12.
Wednesday - plin, pork, rabbit, veal, marjoram, butter  13.
Thursday - albacore tuna, prosser tomato, cucumber, radish, olive  15.
Friday - cioppino, grilled bread     14.